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Mythical creatures with the features of unique animals or plants are called the “Mystics.” In a world where Humans and Mystics coexist, an unprecedented murder case happens and threatens the peace! The dead victim was a police officer and a Gumwa Mystic. There was a dead toad found at the scene of the murder. What is the murderer trying to say?

The case was passed on to the Mystic Investigation Unit, the MIU. They reopen the darkest cold cases of the past. Only ‘they’ can see how the cases are connected. Using their sharp instincts, they begin to hunt the murderer!

Mystic Code is a mobile mystery urban fantasy game by Korean developer LucyDream. In this game, the player becomes Laura Jones, a lieutenant designated to help solving a murder case in Seoul. Gather your clovers and solve this mystery.



This game can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store

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