Laura Jones is the main character of Mystic Code. The player is free to change her name in the beginning of the game and change it again at the cost of 3 keys.

She is called up by Captain Wilson to go back to Seoul from Duksu and help with the murder case of a mystic cop. 

The player has various options in the course of the game that can change its plot entirely. 

She is the default cover character of the game. 

Appearance Edit


Laura's Mystic form


Laura's human form

Laura has pale skin, dark hair and golden eyes in her human form. She's always dressed in a cream colored suit and slacks, with a white shirt underneath. When she takes her Mystic form of a nine-tailed fox, her hair turns white and her eyes get paler as well. Her outfit also changes into a white suit paired with a black undershirt. She also gets pointy ears and her nose changes slightly.  

She looks 28 years old, but revealed that she was actually born in "the 9th year of Hyeonjong Emperor's rule" - which would make her more than 1000 years old. 

Powers Edit

Laura can shapeshift and cast spells - her main speciality is seeing the past when she touches an object related to it. Other than that, she ages slowly like every Mystic.  

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